Reasons and Tips for challenging a PCN (the New Parking Ticket)

Some reasons for challenging a PCN (Parking Ticket)

  • The information on the PCN is wrong or incomplete.
  • You did not own the vehicle. (PCNs issued by post only)
  • The contravention did not occur. For example: 
    •  Your vehicle was not on a yellow line.
    • You were entitled to park because you were loading. 
    • You had a pay-and-display ticket but the CEO failed to see it. 
  • There were exceptional circumstances. 
  • There are compelling reasons.

Tips for challenging a PCN (Parking Ticket)

  • Put your point in writing and State your case clearly and simply.
  • Make sure your letter contains:
    • A date
    • The PCN Number 
  • If you have evidence, send copies and keep the originals safe.
  • Evidence might include:
    • A pay-and-display ticket
    • Photographs o A statement or letter from a witness
    • A delivery note to show you were loading.
  • Keep a copy of your letter.