Bus and cycle lane

Bus Lane Road Markings

Bus lanes

Bus lanes are there to keep public transport moving, not private motor vehicles. Therefore during times of operation motorists must not drive or stop in a bus lane.

Most busses in towns and cities now have video cameras in the front to monitor bus lanes. This, along with the fact that more and more bus lanes are being monitored by street CCTV cameras, means that it is only getting easier for motorists to get caught in driving or parking in a bus lane.

Taxis and cyclists are usually allowed to use bus lanes. Police and emergency service vehicles are allowed to use the bus lane when necessary.

Cycle lanes

Some Cycle lanes are marked with a solid white line; others are marked with a broken white line.

During its times of operation motorists should never drive or park in a cycle lane that is marked with a solid white line.

Motorists should not drive or park in a cycle lane that is marked with broken white lines unless it is unavoidable.

You should never park in any cycle lane during times that waiting restrictions are in force.