Tips on how to avoid getting a penalty charge notice (PCN - the New Parking Ticket)

  • When purchasing a ticket on street or in a car park always make sure your ‘buy’ enough time to get the shopping done or have that meeting and get back to the car.
  • Make sure you display your parking ticket the correct side up.
  • Don’t park on double yellow lines unless you are loading or unloading. Civil Enforcement Officers will observe vehicles to ensure that loading or unloading is evident.
  • Do not park on single yellow lines during restricted hours unless you are loading or unloading. There should be a sign nearby which tells you when the restriction is in force.
  • Park wholly within a marked bay. Taking up more than one bay is frustrating for other drivers trying to find a space and will result in receiving a penalty charge.
  • Keep some loose change in your car to purchase a pay and display ticket. Don’t risk going for change and leaving your car in a pay and display area without displaying a valid ticket.
  • Do not park in bays designated for other users such as bus stops, taxi ranks, disabled bays, etc.
  • If you’re a blue badge holder, please ensure that your badge is displayed photograph down so that the expiry date can easily be seen, and set the clock at your arrival time. Disabled drivers should also not park in areas designated for other users.