Pay & Display parking bays

Motorists are allowed to park in parking space designated ‘Pay and Display’ up to the time purchased, indicated on the pay and display ticket. You must ensure the pay and display ticket is clearly displayed in your vehicle. Even if you think that the ticket is in a clearly visible position you must make sure that you can clearly see the ticket after you have closed your vehicle door. The ticket could be partially obscured by your tax disc for example. Even wind from the door closing or vibrations from the door closing could dislodge the pay and display ticket and cause it to move into a position that means it is unable to be read properly.

When your pay and display ticket has expired, i.e. the time that is printed on your ticket has been and gone then you must leave the parking space. You cannot return within the time period shown on the ticket machine or signs. For example the ticket machine and sings may say “No Return within 2 Hours”. This means that you may not re-park your vehicle in the same set of bays until 2 hours has elapsed since you left your parking space.

Meter Feeding; Purchasing and displaying another pay and display ticket without leaving the parking space for the required period is not permitted.


Examples of Pay & Display parking signs.

Parking duration is limited to maximum period shown on ticket machine and parking signs

Pay and Display parking sign

Designated Parking Bay

Pay and Display Parking Bay