Parking Next to a Drop Kerb

What is a drop kerb?

A drop kerb is a roadside kerb / pavement that is angled downwards towards the road to allow vehicles to easily drive up and down the kerb. 

Parking in front of drop kerbs is not allowed. It causes obstructions to driveway access, road crossing access and both pedestrian and driver visibility. Blocking driveway and crossing access is inconvenient and selfish but obstructing visibility can be very dangerous to pedestrians and road users.

Parking in front of drop kerbs has been against the rules in London since Section 14 of the London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003 came into force.

"Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 repeals section 14 and gives all local authorities in England with civil parking enforcement powers the ability to take action when a vehicle is parked alongside a dropped kerb in a Special Enforcement Area (that is, an area where parking is, in all other instances, permitted)."

For more detailed information visit The Department for Transport "Parking on pavements and alongside dropped kerbs"

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2/6/2010 6:37:24 AM #

This leaves me confused.  Dropped kerbs can only be put up with official permissions. One from the Highways Dept. (who will specify how - and also which contractor!).  The other can be from the local council for a planning permission to suit a particular policy of that council. My Council has the policy of no dropped kerbs on main routes. That's mainly for vehicle access to private property.  However, when estates are being permitted planning permission also applies to dropped kerbs in the design.

So - surely a dropped kerb cannot be considered as a legal dropped kerb unless it has the proper permissions?  Which must mean that Councils must keep records of those permissions? Which means that where people put up their own dropped kerbs (as often happens - and often by cowboy builders!) these dropped kerb cannot be enforced? An opinion anybody?